Serving the people of Africa through random acts of kindness

Financial donation towards the National Institute for the Deaf [NID]

11 September 2015

On 01 September 2015 we donated R400 towards the 10th annual National Institute for the Deaf [NID] Cycle Telethon that took place on 28 and 29 August 2015.

4 Teams of Deaf cyclists competed against each other to cycle the furthest distance in the 24 hours. The support and contributions received from donors, partners and friends once again resulted in the project being a major success. Funds raised are utilised for the care of Deaf adults with multiple disabilities at NID. 

To learn more on how to donate to the National Institute for the Deaf, click here.  

Easter treats for Eric Miles Cheshire Home

2 April 2015

Eric Miles Cheshire Home has 43 residents, whose disabilities result from a number of causes: injury, impairment from birth, illness and degenerative diseases.

On 2 April 2015 we surprised them with gift bags containing toiletries and Easter eggs for each resident to enjoy over the Easter weekend. 

Learn more about Eric Miles Cheshire Home

Financial donation towards the National Sea Rescue Institute

15 March 2015

Sea Rescue is funded by donations. Nearly R52,5 million has to be raised each year in order to run the rescue service.

In March we donated R650 towards rescue equipment, fuel and maintenance. The rescue crew are all unpaid volunteers and head office expenses are funded by their Platinum Partners and interest on investments. 

Learn more about how you can donate today here.